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SEO Complex is a proprietary product of Supremum SEO, based on SEM Complex. SEO Complex was developed for customers who want to opt out of Adwords sponsored links campaign in favor of an increased number of optimized general and specific phrases. With our years of experience in the SEO trade, we are well aware that some entrepreneurs may not take any action advertising for legal reasons, while others would want to intensify the process of website optimization.

And it is to these customers that SEO Complex is targeted.

In terms of comprehensive SEO Complex packages, we provide:

  • optimization of general phrases,
  • optimization of specific phrases (long tail),
  • local optimization,
  • PR optimization.

Currently, the Google search engine analyzes more than 200 different factors when determining its page ranking. For this reason, Supremum SEO provides professional support of the most important of them:

  1. Website

    – we prepare valuable and unique content for the website (Content Marketing)
    – we provide regular updates to the site
    – we optimize the website for Google search
    – we provide support for hosting and web domain

  2. Company profiles in Social Media
    – Facebook
    – Google Plus

This type of comprehensive measures, including each of the major factors influencing the ranking, allow reaching stable SEO results:

  • for general phrases (such as, e.g. architectural visualization, house designs, terms and conditions of an online store, natural food supplements)
  • for local phrases (such as, e.g. dentist Krakow, transport services Gdansk, beautician Warsaw)
  • long tail phrases (such as, e.g. finished single-family bungalow designs, children’s dentist Krakow, natural dietary supplements for weight loss)
  • PR phrases (your brand, your brand opinions)

With such a wide range of phrases, it is possible to reach potential customers at every stage of its decision-making.

The prepared offer is tailored to the needs and expectations of the client in order to achieve specific and measurable business results. For this reason, we require a thorough analysis of the current situation, defining the objectives that we want to achieve, and choosing the right strategy.

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